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Advancing Member
Health Plans

Mississippi Association of Health Plans is a distinguished non-profit organization established with the mission to promote collaboration and advocacy within the healthcare sector.

We serve as a pivotal liaison among its members, the broader healthcare industry, and governmental entities. As a 501(c)(6) organization, we operate with a commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the health benefits landscape.

The Committees

Legislative &
Regulatory Affairs

This committee undertakes a comprehensive analysis of proposed legislation, formulating informed recommendations to advance Mississippi Association of Health Plans’ policy objectives. Collaborating closely with state legislators, the committee plays a pivotal role in advocating for favorable healthcare policies while providing strategic insights on regulatory matters affecting the industry.

& Education

In tandem with our staff, this committee spearheads the development and execution of educational initiatives and events of the highest caliber. It also oversees the organization's public relations efforts, including media engagement and digital communications strategies, ensuring effective dissemination of information to members and the broader community.


Responsible for membership recruitment and retention strategies, this committee evaluates criteria for membership and dues structures to best serve the needs of Mississippi Association of Health Plans' diverse membership base.

The Team

Our Board of Directors comprises esteemed leaders representing a diverse array of Mississippi health plans. These individuals bring forth extensive operational expertise and a shared vision aimed at leveraging managed care strategies to enhance the quality and affordability of healthcare services across the state.

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Board of Directors


Aaron Sisk
Plan President and Chief Executive Officer
Magnolia Health Plan

Vice President

LaCosta Wix
Associate General Counsel
Regulatory Affairs, Gulf States Region

Secretary / Treasurer

Bridget Galatas
Plan President and Chief Executive Officer
Molina Healthcare of MS


Daniel Strobel

Market Leader
Alabama, Southern MS, and NW Florida
Medicare Advantage
Cigna Healthspring

Michael Todaro

Chief Operating Officer
Magnolia Health Plan

Michael Parnell

President and Chief Executive Officer
UnitedHealthcare MS

Matt Berger

Regional President

Tara S. Clark

Chief Executive Officer
Amerigroup MS

Jeremy Ketchum

VP, Government Contracts

Traci Thompson

Lead Director, State Government Affairs
CVS Health